昨今、物流クライシスと揶揄される過酷な配送現場。私達が挑戦しているラストワンマイルにおいても、ドライバー不足や残業代の増加、ベテラン依存などの課題が深刻化しています。また、100年に一度のモビリティ変革期に入り、MaaS(Mobility as a Service)が注目されている中で、人々の移動がより柔軟に、より快適になる社会の実現が進んでいます。



We noted that the possibilities for algorithms in solving the world's problems still promised unlimited expansion. We wanted to apply our skills to improve the sustainability of industry by acting as an intermediary between technology and the worksite. Starting with that thought, we established OPTIMIND in 2015.
There is now a crisis in logistics as the delivery sector faces ridiculously harsh conditions. Even in the challenge we have taken on the last mile, issues such as a lack of drivers, increases in overtime work, and dependence on veterans are becoming more serious. Meanwhile, we are entering a revolutionary period in mobility, the type of change that comes only once a century. With MaaS (Mobility as a Service) now attracting greater attention, we are progressing towards a society in which people are being transported more flexibly and comfortably. Delivering goods and transporting people. Knowledge of the "optimum" route these intricately intertwined forms of mobility should follow is essential in devising a variety of last-mile services and helping to create a more comfortable society.
Rather than merely improving the efficiency of the last mile in the world that transcends company, industry, and national boundaries, our vision of "optimizing the world's last mile" actually focuses more on optimizing the human mind. We thus continue in our aim of being one of the top specialized groups in conceiving, investing in, and creating the world's premier route optimization services.