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自ら考え、自ら動くIndependent Thinking and

オプティマインドではエンジニアがビジネスチームやマネージャーなどと連携し、自分たちで意思決定をして開発を進めています。単に指示に従うのではなく、プロダクト全体を自分で考えながら開発をしていく楽しさがあります。 In OPTIMIND, engineers proceed with development by working with business teams, managers, and others in the company, and then making their own decisions. Rather than simply following orders, they enjoy the process of development while considering the overall product on their own.

ユーザー目線User's Perspective

優れた技術があれば良いプロダクトができるとは限りません。どんな開発においてもユーザーが存在し、ユーザーの望みを叶えることが重要です。自分の開発が誰にどのように影響するのかを常に意識しながら開発を進めています。 Superior technologies do not necessarily result in good products. In any type of development, the user is central, and fulfilling the user's needs is crucial. When proceeding with developing, we maintain a constant awareness of who our development affects and how it impacts them.

学び続けるContinuous Learning

IT技術は日々進化を続けており、それをキャッチアップしつつ、開発に取り入れるかの選択が必要です。オプティマインドでは技術投資を惜しまず、新技術調査や論文調査を推奨しています。書籍購入の補助制度もあり、積極的にエンジニアの学習を後押しします。 IT continues to evolve daily, making it necessary to choose whether to incorporate technologies into development while catching up with them. OPTIMIND does not hesitate to invest in technology, recommending research into new technologies and academic papers. We also maintain a subsidy system for book purchases and actively encourage engineers to study further.


Our engineering team is currently divided into three teams, each of which is responsible for development of a module within Loogia. The modules communicate with each other in accordance with defined APIs, and in total they comprise the service called "Loogia." Since the system is implemented so that the teams are loosely coupled with each other, basically each team is able to work independently and concentrate on developing functions.
This environment allows development to proceed rapidly by adopting a style in which teams normally conduct development separately while collaborating flexibly as needed.


While 20% of the week's work may be performed remotely, development is otherwise carried out together at our offices. This is to achieve fast-paced development by enabling engineers to hold discussions with business teams at their discretion.

集中力持続のため、社内にはリラックススペースや集中スペースも完備しています。フレックスタイム制でメリハリをつけながら働くことができます。 To help maintain focus, the company provides spaces to relax and to concentrate. Our flextime system also enables employees to work with more liveliness
・フレックスタイム制 ・オフィスおかん ・オフィスコンビニ ・私服通勤可 ・3万円チャレンジ(毎月3万円で実施できる福利厚生を社員同士で話し合い実施)
・Flextime system ・Office catering OKAN ・Office convenience store ・Commuting in private apparel allowed ・30,000-Yen Challenge (30,000 yen provided monthly for employee well-being   on their discretion)

"組合せ最適化"技術"Combinatorial Optimization" Technology


The "delivery planning problem" refers to how one configures a route optimized for high speed from the astronomical number of routes available as the number of destinations increases. Loogia employs a method called "metaheuristics" to rapidly find the optimal route.

ラストワンマイル配送地図の開発Development of Last-Mile Delivery Maps


A lack of information such as time to the next destination, locations of parking lot entrances, and points where vehicles may stop briefly results in tremendous losses of time. Loogia processes a great deal of data collected from GPS through clustering or statistical data analysis and creates last-mile delivery maps.This allows anyone to gain the same expertise as veteran dispatchers.

テクノロジースタックTechnology Stack

Solve traveling salesman problems using a variety of approximate methods of analysis


Use CloudFormation to construct the automation deployment environment of Lambda


Environment creation for production with Kubernetes (Google Kubernetes Engine)